FAQ for ZETA safety clamping systems

Here you may find answers for the most common questions regarding to our ZETA safety clamping systems. Just klick on the question for a easy and fast answer.

To facilitate the search for the right operating tool of a specific collet nut we have introduced a new ZETA profile system. The Zeta profile code is matched to the specific collet nut. See example below.

Example: Collet nut ER 20 Zeta = Profil D
That means that all operating tools with a D Profile are suitible for this nut!

  • Spanner wrench = SCHE…Zeta
  • Screw-on-adapter = SCHED…Zeta
  • Torque nut = STEC…Zeta
  • Torque wrench adapter = THET…Zeta

You will find an overview for those operating tools here.

  • Spanner wrench = SCHESP…Zeta
  • Screw-on-adapter = SCHEDS…Zeta
  • Torque nut = STECS…Zeta
  • Torque wrench adapter = THETET…Zeta

ER 11/124030
ER 165044
ER 207556
ER 259074
ER 3213096
ER 40150110
ER 50170125
OZ 25150110

ERM 08129
ERM 11/122518
ERM 164030
ERM 205540
ERM 256044
ERM 327050

ERST 165044
ERST 207556
ERST 259074
ERST 3213096
ERST 40150110